Home Stretch!

I've played the cello for most of my life, which only compounds the anticipation to get this new cello set up. I still remember the very first sound (a pluck of the C string) from the first cello I made. It'll all be done this weekend, and Samantha will be taking portraits in a week. Then the cello gets packed up and shipped off to Michigan the next day. Surely this is what it feels like to send your children off to Kindergarten. It's leaving! I can finally sleep! Wait, I want to play more Bach! 

When it comes to cello I just can't help myself, so I've started another. It's a new model based on the large "Cristiani" Stradivari but reduced by Harry Mairson of Brandeis University. Harry wrote a computer program that creates instrument forms using the Denis method. For this model, he drew the Cristiani with a stop length of 400, shorter than the original but much more manageable for players. Harry generously printed a set of these drawings for me, and last summer a few Oberliners sorted out the details to have collapsible molds made on a CNC machine. 

Here is my mold assembled with 1/2" plywood spacers and bolted together. It has just enough clearance on the top and back for the linings of the rib structure. I'll likely make the rib structure, join and rough out the plates, and then let it sit until I finish up the violins that I'm currently making.