Woodshavings and Summer Plans

A few people have seen the latest cello rib structure and asked about the model. I've started calling it a fat baby Strad as a joke, and now it's stuck. It's not really that petite. The body length is close to 74 centimeters. I'll be taking the back plate and scroll with me to Oberlin this year. The arching and scroll carving, along with the latest Jacoby/Alexander violin, will keep me plenty busy. I'll be stopping over in Auburn for a couple of days to visit the Jacoby family, and then Chris and I will drive on to Ohio. 

I previously joined and sawed out a spruce plate for this cello, but decided that it wasn't quite the right fit, so I started working on a new spruce plate today. So far this billet is working like a dream. Here is a pile of shavings to prove it!