This past summer was an absolute blast. I drove home to Oregon for a much-needed vacation and had a great time in Oberlin at the Violin Makers Workshop. 

Back in Salt Lake work has continued on the latest cello. The box is closed and ready for purfling, and the scroll now has its dowel and carbon rod. I treated myself to a new Bosch Colt router, the perfect tool for cutting the groove for the carbon rod. (Also the perfect tool for all those dados...that's another project/story.) I've also just finished my new light board. When I moved last year I had to scrap my light box for the second time. So much effort goes into building light boxes that I swore my next setup would be collapsible and portable. I can move this one by myself and varnish anywhere! 

Speaking of varnish, here is an Azure Alexander in progress. It has a few more color coats to go.